Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Heart Seersucker

A few days ago I shared with you all the colors and silhouettes that I am loving this spring. But I didn't tell you about the fabric I am most obsessing over. SEERSUCKER! I love love love this stuff. You can make super cute dresses, skirts, pants, or shorts out of it and look casual yet very put together.  Or you can look totally classy and dressed up. It's such a nice lightweight versatile fabric that is just perfect for spring and summer.

The fabric junky in me was a little curious about the history of seersucker so I did a quick google search and found this on wikipedia:
Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or checkered, used to make clothing for spring and summer wear. The word came into English from Hindustani (Urdu and Hindi), which originates from the Persian words "shir o shakkar", meaning "milk and sugar", probably from the resemblance of its smooth and rough stripes to the smooth texture of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar. Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance in places. This feature causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin when worn, facilitating heat dissipation and air circulation. It also means that pressing is not necessary.
During the British colonial period seersucker was a popular material in Britain's warm weather colonies. When Seersucker was first introduced in the United States it was used for a broad array of clothing items. For suits the material was considered a mainstay of the summer wardrobe of gentlemen, especially in the South, who favored the light fabric in the high heat and humidity of the summer, especially prior to the arrival of air conditioning.
It was commonly used for nurses' uniforms in World War II.
The fabric was originally worn by the poor in the U.S. until undergraduate students in the 1920s, in an air of reverse snobbery, began to wear the fabric. Damon Runyon wrote that his new habit for wearing seersucker was "causing much confusion among my friends. They cannot decide whether I am broke or just setting a new vogue."

Of course being that I got this from wikipedia it may not be 100% accurate but it's really interesting and satisfied my curiosity. As for a project I haven't decided  if I'm going to make myself a skirt, or a dress but I've ordered this lovely blue seersucker from

But I'm also loving this mango orange seersucker from

What about you, are you loving seersucker for your spring and summer wardrobe? or do you have a different favorite fabric? Leave a comment and let me know.

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