Monday, February 27, 2012

Painting Not Sewing

I went fabric shopping the other day and I've been dying to get some things sewn up. But, we desperately needed to paint our living room. The wall was cracking and what ever kind of paint the landlord used originally rubbed off when ever I tried to clean it. So with two very little children you can only imagine how awful our walls looked.  Now that all the painting is done I'm too sore to sew!

Somehow I ended up doing the bulk of the painting, which I didn't mind at all. My hubby was busy patching cracks and fixing spots before they turned into holes! I don't know why the walls in our living room were in such bad shape. But I think our building must be older than we thought it was.

Here is the process and our new beautiful walls:


The hubs patching the wall

Can you see the difference in the colors? The new color is soooo much nicer!

The finished product (with toys back in place lol)

I'm just really glad we decided to go through with it. Our living room looks a thousand times better. Now if I can just keep little hands with crayons away from the walls everything will be great.
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