Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Time for Mending: Zippers

Inserting zippers is a necessary skill for any seamstress. When I first tried to insert one I had a really hard time but now it's much easier and since I had a skirt that needed a new zipper I figured why not blog about it. So this is just a quick tutorial of removing and replacing a zipper.

This is the original zipper and as you can see it was ripped and so I couldn't zip this skirt all the way up.

I took a seem ripper and just started to slowly pick at the seams to loosen and remove the zipper.

I then took the new zipper, unzipped it, and pinned it into the skirt. I was careful to make sure that I put it in with as much showing as the one I took out. 

Then I sewed it in removing the pins as I went. I lined up my zipper foot with the zipper teeth to make sure that I wasn't sewing too close to, or too far away from, the teeth. Because sewing too close would prevent the zipper from zipping, and too far away would make it too loose. 

And that's it. It's that simple. Now I have a wearable skirt again! 

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